PELERIN, supplier of equipment for clays processing

is renowned for the robustness / reliability of its equipment as well as for the low maintenance cost of its facilities.

Thanks to recent developments such as the new Demeter extruding group, the Pelerin range offers a set of machines and services ideally suited to heavy clay industrials.
PELERIN BCM :  Renewal in 2016

Backed by the Ceric Group since 1981, Pelerin regains its autonomy in 2016 with the support of Cleia, JM Maresse and the BMI Group.


Today Pelerin BCM is a solid and experienced company, supplying complete lines of equipment for raw materials preparation and production. It ensures the follow-up of its various installations through the provision of services to operators, including technical advices, maintenance support, supply of spare and wear parts.

 With a complete and renewed range of products such as the new Demeter extruding group, Pelerin BCM is now placed in a solid position to continue to provide highly reliable and high-performance machinery

1922 : Exposition d’une mouleuse PELERIN
History of Pelerin development
Founded by Georges Pelerin in the early twenties, the company starts its operations in Paris in the industrial sector of equipment dedicated to brick works before moving to the Orcamps workshops located in Soissons.For almost 100 years now, Pelerin has acquired a significant expertise in the field of clays processing, through machines which are well known for their high robustness and their low maintenance cost


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